Small ripples make big waves



Reducing green house gas emissions

Determined to shrink our carbon footprint, a core part of our eco-friendly mission, we’re taking action. We’ll thoroughly track and oversee CO₂ emissions from our operations and implement strategic initiatives to cut emissions in line with scientifically based targets.

Reducing water consumption

Our primary focus will be the reduction of our overall water usage. We commit to this objective by monitoring water usage through water scans and implementing strategic water conservation measures across our water, pool and medical companies in Europe.

Safety culture

Pollet Group and its sister companies prioritise workplace safety, employee well-being, and inclusivity. We’re committed to implementing unified KPIs to ensure equal access to a safe and healthy work environment for all, regardless of background or identity. By doing so, we ensure that all employees have equal access to a safe and healthy working environment and atmosphere.

Growing as an XPRT

At Pollet Group, our XPRT family culture encourages growth, learning, and belonging. We nurture personal development through diverse training, plan career paths, boost internal mobility, and invest in future leaders.



Sustainable product development

We infuse ESG principles into product development, prioritising market potential and sustainability. Our focus: high-impact tech, like energy and water efficiency. Inspired by our sister companies, we’re launching a groupwide product labelling strategy, empowering customers to choose responsibly from our range.

Sustainable supply chain

As a distributor, forging lasting supply chain relationships is paramount. We pledge to establish a supplier code of conduct aligned with EU sustainability regulations. Starting with new partners, we’ll gradually extend it to our existing supply chain, enhancing sustainability. Our customer-centric, eco-conscious approach fosters trust and supports responsible business growth.