Small ripples make big waves

Together we act now for a green future

For countless years, humanity has strived to improve life’s quality and happiness, leaving an enduring impact on future generations. Today, we face urgent challenges – climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequality, and governance ethics. Pollet Group is committed to sustainability in all we do. While providing water treatment, pool, and medical solutions, we understand that it is vital to take care of the people and the earth we thrive on. Discover our GreenWave initiative, where we build a sustainable business culture for a brighter tomorrow.

Read our sustainability statement and join us in shaping a more sustainable world

Small ripples make a big wave

Pollet Group is ready for the future and is building the new normal. Today, we are writing the story of tomorrow. Our group unites a variety of companies, numerous cultures and a range of activities. More than anything, we stand for unity in diversity: we share resilience and that unique ‘can do, will do’ mentality. There is no better foundation for making a difference as an organisation!

Our sustainability goals

At the heart of Pollet Group beats a commitment to sustainability, embodied by our dedication to the three pillars: Planet, People and Product. We strive to reduce our environmental impact, advocate for social justice and inclusiveness, and prioritise environmentally conscious production and consumption. By adopting these intertwined sustainability goals, we are working towards a more sustainable world. Dive deeper into our sustainability goals and discover how we are working towards a better future for our planet, our communities and responsible consumption.